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IMPORTANT: First of all, please note that we are not a property sale/purchase or real estate classifieds portal. We do not sale any property on our website and we are not involved in any way in the property transaction business. We are just a directory where real estate professionals such as architects, interior designers, builders, developers, dealers etc can register their profile so that users can search for them. We are not in any way affiliated with any of the companies and/or professionals/people listed on our real estate directory portal. So, please do not contact us for selling/buying of properties on our website. We will not entertian any such requests.

Real Estate India Online is the brainchild of Chadha Software Technologies, a software consultancy company located in Jalandhar City, Punjab. Our main motive behind the development of this real estate directory in India was to provide a one stop online platform where people can search for Indian real estate developers, property dealers, architects, interior designers, loan agents in all cities of India. Not only you can search for real estate related companies in India but you can view their online profile, view their contact details and get to know about their real estate projects. Before we started this real estate directory, there was no such online platform available where people can search for the real estate professionals in their choice of city in India. Today, we are the leading online real estate directory in India and we enjoy our reputation on search engines. We are proud to inform that about 90% of our visitors come from search engines.

Advertisement Opportunities

Analytics Report We have exciting advertisement opportunities available for you to market your real estate projects on our real estate directory. We get over 14,000 visitors to our real estate directory and approximately 37,000 page views per month with over 86% new visitors. This targeted traffic includes potential buyers, investors, NRIs and others. You can have a look at the traffic report displayed alongside as the proof of our sayings. So, take benefit of this targeted traffic and showcase your properties/projects/developments on various sections of our real estate directory in India. Please contact us with details of your project(s) to be advertised. Not to mention, we can handle all marketing aspects of your advertisement campaign from graphics designing to online ad campaign statistics.


We are open to partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. If you have interesting partnership opportunities then we are interested to hear from you. You can get in touch with us using the contact page of our real estate directory. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions then feel free to share them with us. Our contact details are available on the contact page of our directory.

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